Zodiac signs: Lucky or unlucky in love?

It's highly accurate. Originally Posted by Claire When you have transits to your 5th house and its ruler that is the time for love and romance and similarly when you have planets through the 7th, a more committed relationship can occur. When I do an equal house chart the Saturn through Libra is in your 8th of sex, shared assets etc. The ruler of your 5th house of romance and lovers is in the 9th. This suggest you find love at college, whilst travelling, or in a religious setting. I also see this with other influences that you will be involved with someone in rehab or works in a hospital or is an institution of some kind.

YOu can meet at a retreat or an ashram kind of thing. Mercury rules your 7th as Virgo and this often denotes not having a committed relationship unless it is work based.

Am I unlucky in love? (astrology/natal chart included)?

I just feel that your partner will be involved with health matters. Hello Both saturn and mars are square your partnership house. So if you check vedic astrology, it will tell you that you have the "manglik" effect. But then again please remember that both partners have to compromise.

You can't clap with one hand.

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And I would advise you that you be the first one to extend the hand of friendship towards your partner. For any long term partnership, you have to repress the inner ego "me". If you are able to do so, you will be successful. Is this your picture? In your picture you look quite a bit more older. Anyways you are just 23 years old. My suggestion for you is to forget about love and concentrate in your career. Love will happen along the way. The chart shows problem in home and with one of the parents extremely. But I think that he helped you too. And as you grow older, your situation will change.

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User Name. Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Why have I always been so unlucky in love? Thread Tools. PhoenixFlames09 Junior Member. Attached Images. Find all posts by PhoenixFlames Re: Why have I always been so unlucky in love? Find all posts by waybread. Claire19 Senior Member.

Find all posts by Claire Quote: Originally Posted by PhoenixFlames09 It's interesting that when an astrologer knows his stuff, he can pinpoint many areas surrounding alot of things. Quote: Originally Posted by Claire19 When you have transits to your 5th house and its ruler that is the time for love and romance and similarly when you have planets through the 7th, a more committed relationship can occur. Find all posts by sethi. You are inclined to inconsistency, because your partner never knows what to expect. Today you want a wedding, and tomorrow you will say that marriage is not for you.

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It is difficult to understand your feelings and emotions, and even harder to follow. You are overly emotional. Everyone has good and bad days, but only you can make drama and tragedy out of nothing. You are sometimes very similar to the characters from the Italian opera. Your capriciousness can be tiring for others.

Your relationship is largely destroyed by your incredible jealousy. You torment the partner with your behavior and attitude, forcing him to be disappointed in you, and then completely avoid you.

4 zodiac signs that are often unlucky in love

You tend to unpleasantly criticize, and even openly condemn others — and this is unacceptable in any relationship. Not that you consider yourself perfect — you are fully aware of your own shortcomings — you just expect that your partner will be almost perfect. It is difficult to be with a person who constantly assesses you and demands the impossible. This relationship can not stand it. You need to be a less omnivorous person, which any partner, interested in you, can attract. Often your personal life comes to a standstill, because you are too fond of manipulating and you can easily force a person to do things that he does not like.

10 Rules For Women Who Are Unlucky In Love

Your partner is not your puppet, he must make his own decisions and bear his responsibility. Nobody wants and does not like to be controlled and pulled by strings. You tend to see things only as you like, and when reality is at odds with your fantasies, you have a hard time.

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