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Scorpio decan 1 is ruled by Mars in both systems Scorpio triplicity. The only sharp instrument here is actually the spear shaft as none of sidereal Scorpio actually falls here. This is a bit of a paradox since this is the most Scorpio section of Scorpio using the triplicity system.

Scorpio Decans

The dark edge to this decan really comes from carrying the weight of the crucifix. The Cross represents one having to bear the responsibility of psychic or prophetic ability. Being able to tap into other dimensions gives one power that can be used for good or ill. The typical Scorpio animal magnetism comes from its ruler, sexy Mars and Bootes the herdsman being a swarthy fellow, working close to the earth and driving those beasts forward.

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These folk are certainly very driven, but they glide to the top quite silently. Nobody notices them until suddenly, bam, they are there, right at the top.

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  • This gives them an advantage over their rivals because they are often underestimated at first. Scorpio decan 1 are the perfect invisible man, they make a great classic Scorpio spy because of their amazing ability to construct a psychic cloaking device.

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    As Venus is at your side, it may be the right time to ask for attention, hugs or money to your partner. You might get a present. Venus is at your side, that's why money and love might show up since both of them are connected. Be on the watch!

    Scorpio Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

    Mercury gives you self-confidence, so you will get to make yourself heard and to convince thanks to your ideas and your personal convictions. Your intellect is at its best! You will easily find solutions to your problems. Professional contacts will be very interesting for you. Natal Report Your personality based on the analysis of your natal chart. In order to give fuller interpretation to the zodiac signs, ancient astrologers subdivided each sign into periods of approximately ten days.

    These divisions are known as the "decans" or "decantes" and are somewhat arbitrary in order to allow for the five and sometimes six extra days in the year beyond the days required for the thirty-six decans.

    Astrologers believe that each of the decans has its own individual character. In modern times, however, the assignment of decans has changed considerably.

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