How planetary patterns indicate types of political thought

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The Asteroid Signs

This asteroid can also represent custody issues around children too, including abduction…. The Glyph Of Ceres. Discovered next was Pallas, or Pallas Athene, third largest asteroid. Pallas can be interpreted as our creative intellect and efforts. In astrology, Pallas can be an indicator of wisdom, intelligence and healing. She is a tomboy, that harnesses a more male energy, embodying the warrior archetype.

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She is a daughter born when a boy was wanted. Pallas shows where you have genius qualities in your chart — although you may doubt yourself. The Glyph Of Pallas. Third discovered, Juno is the ninth largest asteroid. In Greek mythology she is the equivalent of goddess Hera.

Asteroid Pallas Warrior Queen

Incredibly important in both Greek and Roman culture she was hailed as Queen of the Gods. While your Venus sign signifies how you fall in love, Pallas has something to say about how you make difficult decisions in your relationships. While your Mars sign expresses your aggressive, animalistic tendencies, Pallas expresses how you temper those instincts with reason.

If your rising sign says a lot about your public persona and the first impressions people generally form about you, Pallas explains the strategy you use to navigate new environments. Pallas is the brilliant lawyer who lives inside all of us. She's the unapologetic military analyst some of us never realized we were. She's a fighter for what is just and right in this world, often ignoring her own emotional impulses for the sake of the greater good. Instead of charging into battle with revenge and blood on her mind, she'll concoct a plan of action that traps her enemies before her soldiers have even broken a sweat.

On a lighter note, there actually is a somewhat emotional element to what Pallas means in our birth charts. As the daughter of Zeus, she also symbolizes our relationship with our fathers as well as all the men we come across in our lives, as opposed to Ceres, which exposes our relationships with our mothers and other women. Some of us may have biases toward or against men. He was a libertarian icon, author, and hard-money advocate.

Suggesting his economics is Venus trine North Node. The Smashing Pumpkins bandleader has a notable libertarian streak, as revealed in an interview with Alex Jones in early The libertarian comedian also has Venus quincunx South Node. I was a dedicated progressive leftist until coinciding with a transit involving Pallas and the nodes. A long and agonizing study of comparative economic systems convinced me of the futility of government programs to assist the poor or help the economy, demolishing my central objection to libertarianism.

Astronomy & Astrology of the Main Asteroids

The combination of Pallas with Pluto and the North Node is common among ex-military persons who become peace activists. The libertarian financial pundit's slightly leftward lean may appear in Venus semisquare Neptune. Perhaps the authoritarian Pluto aspect dominated her early life as a military officer before she became a libertarian activist. She was an American journalist, author, editor, public intellectual, and political activist. He was an English philosopher, biologist, sociologist, and prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era.

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He is included here for his anti-war and civil liberties activism. The anarcho-capitalist editor for Reason Magazine is one of a few examples of a Pallas connection to the North Node overwhelming a strong Pallas-Pluto contact. He also has Venus' ruler Mercury quintile North Node. She was a leader in the German anti-Nazi White Rose movement. He has a Venus-Neptune semisquare.

Representing his economic views, the libertarian economist has Venus quintile North Node. The openly gay editor of Antiwar. He also has, suggesting fiscal conservatism, Venus quindecile North Node. The Austrian school economist also has Venus trine Pallas. He was an Austrian-Hungarian-American economist and political scientist.

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He popularized the term "creative destruction" in economics. He is considered the first modern proponent of anarchism. The Austrian School economist, brokerage firm head, and political pundit is infamous for correctly predicting the recent American economic troubles, which he blames on the government. Ron Paul endorsed this former Constitution Party candidate for the presidency in He was considered to be the first proponent of anarcho-capitalism.

Pallas is square Jupiter which is conjunct South Node. He became libertarian later in life. He also has Venus trine North Node.


Surprisingly, there are as many cultural conservatives as cultural liberals in this group, as indicated by the Moon. Joseph Dejacque has Pallas conjunct Sun. Suggesting cultural liberalism, the anarcho-communist poet has Moon ruled by Saturn and Uranus, both trine South Node , regardless of birth time. His economic views may be reflected in Neptune conjunct Uranus, ruler of Venus. He is adopted by libertarians for his strong anti-authoritarian and anti-war views and disdain for Communism, but is also claimed by Socialist types for his utopian lyrics in the song "Imagine".

Consistent with cultural liberalism, the chart has Uranus, ruler of Moon, trine Nepune. The libertarian indicators here are very strong, and the dreamy idealism around wealth might be indicated by the Neptune aspects to Jupiter and Uranus in the second house.

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Suggesting cultural and economic leftism, he has Moon conjunct South Node and Venus quintile Neptune. The influential anti-war activist has Mars, co-ruler of Moon, sesquiquadrate Nepune and Venus square Neptune.

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He has Venus quincunx South Node. A mainstream progressive liberal in her early career, she is now most active on libertarian concerns. Consistent with cultural liberalism, the chart has Moon trine South Node regardless of birth time. The Venus-Neptune conjunction may correspond to left-wing economic views. The left-wing portion of his left-wing anarchism may be seen in his Venus sextile Neptune.

Neptune is also trine Saturn, the ruler of Venus. Although not technically a libertarian, he drastically cut federal taxes and attempted to combat the expansion of war, the monopoly of the Federal Reserve, the influence of secret societies on politics, and the injustices of racism. He shares a Pluto conjunction to the South Node with Ron Paul, suggesting a further emphasis on reducing the concentration of political power.

His economics may show up in his Venus-Neptune semisquare. The Wikileaks figurehead labels himself as a "libertarian" but has sometimes made public statements which contradict that claim. Befitting a cultural liberal he has Moon in the 12th House ruled by Pluto which is sextile Neptune.

His economic views might be seen in the Second House ruled by Jupiter which is conjunct Neptune and quincunx Venus. This conspiracy researcher and activist leans leftward economically, indicated by Venus trine the South Node. He is credited with founding anarcho-communist theory. His economics might be indicated by the Venus-Neptune trine. The economic views of this left-libertarian historian might be seen in Venus sextile Neptune and quindecile South Node. Sale has been described as "one of the intellectual godfathers of the secessionist movement.

These suggest a libertarian orientation albeit one tempered by other factors for instance, Gandhi's view that hundreds of thousands of deaths were acceptable, in the name of speeding the already inevitable exit of Britain from India. The Neptune quincunx with Venus is in line with his Socialist economic views. Mercury is semisquare Mars, the ruler of Pallas.

An anarcho-communist concerned with environmental issues, his economic views might be reflected by Venus in Pisces. Suggesting cultural liberalism, he has Moon ruled by Saturn which is conjunct Neptune. The anarcho-communist's economic views may be seen in the Venus square to Neptune. Suggesting cultural liberalism, he very likely has Moon sextile Neptune and ruled by Saturn which is trine Neptune.

On Pallas Athena, Writers and Astrologers

The civil libertarian columnist's economic views may be seen in South Node conjunct Venus' ruler Mars. Suggesting cultural conservatism or at least a deep appreciation of culture , he has Moon conjunct North Node , tempered by Moon sextile Neptune.