Taurus Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Taurus General: The year would be a memorable year for Taurus Moon sign. You would have a unique style in your efforts. Taurus Career and Business: You may feel a sense of insecurity concerning your profession. There may also be stagnation in business. Taurus Love and Relationships: Exhibit tolerance and faith in matters related to relationships.

Do not rush things to happen quickly. There m Taurus Money and Finances: Do not offer or lend money to unknown faces.

The Week Ahead for Taurus

There may be delays in receiving back the payments you had offere Taurus Education and Student: You may have to put more efforts in education to get good marks. Laziness and distractions might creep in to s Taurus Health: Hang out with your family or friends to sweep off depression. Good time to take a break from hectic activities Daily predictions are very accurate , appreciate your Team for their in deep understanding of Astrology. Karthik B. At first my situation was hopeless and I was facing lot of hurdles to get admission.

After chanting those mantras, I got admission easily. I would like to thank Mr. Karthik for his awesome prediction that changed my life today. Also I would like to thank AstroVed team members for touching the lives of many people through your service. Affiliate Mobile Apps. Toggle navigation. The item has been added to your cart. Keep Shopping. View All Categories. View All. Most of the predictions are true for me Periya darsini. Daily predictions are very accurate , appreciate your Team for their in deep understanding of Astrology Rakesh Sangareddy.

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Write a Review. Part of the calm is given to the influence of the earth in both members of this couple. However, there's a lot going on and, depending on the circumstances and the couple's characteristics, there might be moments of tension. It's important to consider both bulls in their element and that they need to work together to achieve what they want at their own pace.

An excessive dose of trust and friendliness might be necessary with this couple, but don't make either party angry; the bull has horns that can be used to cause serious injuries, even to the people involved in the relationship itself. To avoid stagnation and an extreme slow pace in life, it's advisable to have a combination of separated dates that make this wonderful partnership less vulnerable to circumstances, as well as more creative in the way to handle inner issues. There are many things guaranteed for this couple, among them, the results of hard work, honesty, pleasurable intimacy and the sense of a good and calm pace in life seem to be served.

Good ways to solve conflicts and the chance of not suffering due to external circumstances allows both of them to be more adaptable to harsh times and to be able to work without hesitation at almost every field, no matter how difficult the circumstances; this is part of the clue for having a happy life as well as the base for a good future for their offspring.

The speed of the twins is no match for the bull, but the strength and patience of the bull will seem to be no match for the Gemini. However, before deciding to share a life together, it's important to set some rules and to follow them as closely as possible. Calm and respect are a must; a good way is to divide the home tasks without abusing of the other.

Accepting the other's one point of view and then making wise changes on the road in order to adapt to the circumstances are among the best tools to make this relationship work. This is an ideal combination for small family business where creativity and hard work can be combined wisely. However, each one must be aware of the other one's way to react in some cases.

If the bull decides to charge, the twins have nothing to stop it and it's better to try to use that strength for something really good; this is the same when the twins decide to work together for only one goal, the speed of its action might get results faster than expected.

It's important to maintain in good care the sensibility of both members of this partnership in order to support each other; understand what they are going through and share as much as possible. Intimacy seems to be something to take care of in order to get a good combination of feelings and pleasure; it doesn't mean that is going to be easy, but it's good to start working for the pleasure of the beloved one, instead of the own satisfaction; in doing so, this level of connection will help both becoming a person whose achievements at a self realization are going to be higher.

One condition: set all of this as a goal. Even though there are differences in sizes, the crab and bull can get along very if a simple set of rules is set to help the relationship. Both members will follow them dutifully once they are able to see their common goals served. The hard work and strength of the bull will be compensated by the saving habits of the crab, which can easily lead into a good amount of savings and sometimes to a quick financial independence if that's what they want to achieve.

The adaptability to situations and the creativity both animals show when facing challenges are the clue for financial success and the wellbeing of their own. Family matters for this combination and when gaining more balance in all aspects of life, Soil and Water can produce amazing crops for the good of generations to come, as well as making great clay for delicate and artistic tendencies. However, it's important not to over impose one onto the other, too much water will over flood the land causing tragedy, as well as too much soil without water is going to become a desert.

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An adequate balance allows this combination to get almost immediate results, especially if both have been through similar difficulties and an alliance merges from those circumstances. Intimacy is something really special, particularly if there's an agreement to achieve spiritual goals. It won't be a problem to become creative and add some doses of romance and foreplay under different circumstances.

If conflict arises, the battle between the bull and the lion has a clear winner, but in the long run, both are going to lose much more than what can be imagined. An adequate combination of fire to the earth can improve the conditions of the soil for future purposes, so planning ahead is a must. A good way to avoid conflict is always to work with the same goals in mind and double-checking for understanding. In some cases there might be a tendency for the bull to follow the lion, only if it considers that safety is not an issue and that it might lead to better pastures. On the other hand, there might be the possibility to underestimate the power of the bull if results are not seen fast, so be careful.

Chances for inner growth are also a great possibility.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

The main reason is the way each one of them interacts together; there might be some common goals as well as similar ideas, but the way to make them real varies greatly between them. In many cases the bull will go slowly and taking safe steps, and at the same time the virgin will do the same, however the view of the field will be different for each of them. Whereas the bull will focus on the big area ahead, the virgin will be paying attention to every single piece of the land, every leaf and part of the landscape.

These special characteristics combined can produce a great and positive couple, especially if a good set of rules is set for working together. This couple can achieve great things if they work together. However their varying points of view might cause friction between them. Do your best, because it will be a worthwhile endeavor.

Taurus Weekly Astrology Horoscope 16th September 2019

It seems that the speed of the relationships is well balanced and well planned. The strength of the bull, the slow but safe pace that characterizes its work, is easily complemented by the balance, vision and organization of the scale of life. It is the best combination for long-term projects, so when there is an association of these two signs, it is almost guaranteed to expect a long-term relationship, driven most of the time by common goals and ways of working.

However, there are also chances for misunderstanding when there is a lack of communication in the specifics of any given task. Details to create the right balance are important for Libra and of no importance for Taurus; usually this misleads the direction of the relationship, and might create a dust storm that can blind and affect everyone in its way.

Patience is important to create the right balance and to know the exact boundaries for each member of this society. Romance seems to be a great deal in both cases, especially if both want to build a relationship founded in trust and love. There are times when actions substitute words and this can lead to some surprises from both parties.

As a result, this can be used as foreplay for intimacy, and a great deal of sexuality; enjoy it and always try to be creative.

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This way, the storms can be harnessed and driven into a very powerful source of energy for daily life and a more goal-oriented relationship, and both can be perfect partners when the time is right to decide. If something goes wrong, many will be affected in a negative way. However, there are great chances to transcend their own zodiac influence if the bull and the scorpion are able to give more than to ask for. At this level, mythology offers the winged bull and other series of metaphors that have lead to great achievements for themselves and for humanity. All figures aside, success is guaranteed for this couple if each one is conscious of their power, their limitations, and how to support each other in their weaknesses.

Meeting these requirements might take a while, but once achieved, they are going to triumph in whatever they decide to do. At a very intimate level, the veil of sexual energies used to achieve a higher conscious mind will be open really easy. And if their goal is not that high, allow your creativity to become part of the intimacy as well as a good dose of romance and foreplay.

Taurus Weekly Career Horoscope for Next Week

Now, the question is… are you going to commit to taking this big step? The bull and the centaur archer are capable of many things together. When they decide to join forces, they are like a cavalry attack, almost unstoppable and achieving whatever they want in the timeframe they have set for themselves. While working together in search of the same goal is a plus, there might be some difficulties if they try to achieve other kind of dreams.

However, a good dose of adaptability and a great understanding of each other's needs will help to make the bull look beyond the obvious horizons as well as finding great landing places or targets for the centaur. It might require some extra time to set common goals, but it's worth the effort; however, it's also important to dedicate some extra time to the exact tasks and tools to get what they want. Be aware of the horns and the arrows: it's much better to face difficulties without using their skills and weaponry to defend their ideas, because both can be seriously injured and possibly never remain the same when they consider having someone close to their hearts.