Some Famous Leos That Share Your Sign!

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Always a Lion

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Its Origin and Meaning in Astrology

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As an Earth sign, Taurus is inspired by nature, so Stardust says these personalities need to be surrounded by soft greens. Not a fan of green? Wright says Tauruses will also find softer colors like cream or mauve appealing, since they create soothing environments that'll help them stay calm and centered. This energetic sign prefers "light" spaces that have an open and clean feel for a reason: "Geminis like to keep their walls bare, because they are always busy and often on the move," Stardust says.

White walls will make home a serene escape from their hectic lives. But since Geminis are also eclectic, adding in pops of yellow, blue, orange, and patterns will show off their quirky personality. White, pinks, sky blue , and pastels create the comfy and welcoming vibe most Cancers crave, according to Wright. Since Cancers can be emotional at times, violet is a relaxing color that will energize and calm their emotions.

Since this sign is a child of the sun, they are drawn to bright, dramatic, sunny colors , says Stardust: "Marigold is a warm hue that represents the lion's regal nature, their loyalty to others, and their optimistic outlook on life. But this sign is also drawn to bold, bright, and rich colors , like gold and dark purple. Really any Earth tone will appeal to this sign.

Since Virgos are efficient and tidy, Wright says they'd think ahead before painting their walls and pick a color that will match everything. That's why they're most likely to pick a soft color that is clean and simple, like this light blue. She adds that it'll evoke this sign's cool, beautiful, and loving nature, while adding sophistication and elegance to the walls.

Welcome To Leo Season: Here Are 7 Things You Should Know About The King Of The Zodiac

These statement colors will also speak to their love to entertain guests will love it! Stardust says this sign's power colors are red and black — and maroon is the middle ground between the two. She also notes that this color represents intense emotional depths, which will appeal to passionate Scorpios. This sign gravitates towards anything that screams "intense," so Wright says hot pink is another color for them.


There's a reason Stardust describes this deep hue as a powerful shade for Sagittarius: "This color will push their philosophical archer towards spiritual endeavors, which all Sagittarius are known for," she says. Bright and happy colors speak to the adventurous side of this sign. Vibrant patterns are also a playful way to bring out this side of their personality. Why not use this positive streak to connect with family and friends? This month could be important for going back to your roots. Now is the time to think about loved ones and reflect on improving your family life. The coming month is a great time to focus on your networks — which is great news for outgoing and sociable Geminis.

The Best Room Colors for Your Zodiac Sign

You might find yourself more in-demand than usual but just embrace it and use the time to communicate with the people in the different areas of your life. Cancerians tend to be at their best when their home life is happy. So it might be the time to sort out savings and possessions, but also reassess what is important to you on a personal level, in terms of values. Your season will follow Leo, so while you wait, why not take this time to relax a little.