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The moon enters your sign today, Cancer! Make time to focus on self care. The moon enters sensitive water sign Cancer today and illuminates a very private sector of your chart, so slow down and take some time for yourself today. Your inner voice has a lot to say, especially about your career, so go within and listen. The moon enters fellow water sign Cancer today, Scorpio, inspiring you to look at the big picture. The moon enters sensitive water sign Cancer this morning and lights up the intimacy sector of your chart.

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You and your partners have plenty to talk about today—plus, an awkward situation is being smoothed over. The moon enters your opposite sign Cancer this morning, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, Capricorn, and a playful, romantic energy is in the air! You may find yourself controlling the direction in which things flow. Keep a check on resentment to avoid going into an emotional tizzy. Hopefully predicts Ganesha, you may end up spending a lot of time trying to find solutions to pending problems.

Today, your actions may change your social surroundings forever, or at least leave a lasting impression on them. You, however, will appreciate a bit of quality time with yourself.

Later in the evening, you may spend lavishly to leave a breathtaking impression on one of your friends from the opposite sex. With the healthy financial condition, your focus will be more on your social commitments, says Ganesha. Though till afternoon you may have only yourself to give you company, you will be central to a conversation with like-minded people. You will be so scheming and calculating today that you can even give the vixen in a soap opera a run for her money.

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With such stars on the horizon, it becomes imperative that you find a way to keep your temper, especially at work. You might find yourself in some risky situation towards the latter half of the day. But by the end of it, you will be able to seek answers to some of your troubling issues, says Ganesha.

The key is patience; rest will fall into place. You will focus on your finances today and work towards consolidating your profits, says Ganesha. You may also make provisions for any crisis that may arise in future. Ganesha strongly feels that you may sign some agreements and documents that will become milestones in your future business life.

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There is a very high probability of legal disputes receding and going your way due to out-of-court settlements that go in your favour. The afternoon may see you being unyielding when it comes to interacting with people.

You will display courage and resilience when it comes to matters of relationships, or so hopes Ganesha. Messenger planet Mercury connects with your ruling planet Neptune today, creating a magical energy for communication and travel. It's a wonderful time to share your message. You're especially intuitive and convincing today, so speak your truth to anyone who'll hear it!

People often see you enjoying life, being your fearless and fun Aries self, but they don't always see how deeply you reflect on yourself and how much you value your connection with your inner voice.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Today is an especially potent and beautiful time to connect with your inner wisdom, do some psychic work, and hold emotions that were previously repressed dismissed, thanks to Mercury's connection with Neptune. You're a realistic and down-to-earth person, Taurus, but you love to get caught up in whimsy from time to time, and that's exactly what's in store for you to today as communication planet Mercury mingles with the planet of fantasy, Neptune.

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An empathetic energy flows between you and your partners. Your ruling planet Mercury has been busy helping you get organized, but it connects with whimsical Neptune today, bringing a brilliant boost to your creativity and your intuitive powers, benefiting your career and reputation. Messenger planet Mercury connects with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, creating a magical energy for you, dear Cancer!

The moon is in Taurus today.

This is a brilliant time for adventure—your mind is expanding. A celebratory energy flows and romance is in the air: Go dancing with friends! Flirt with your crush! Communication planet Mercury has plenty to say, but as it connects with dreamy Neptune today, it's all about feelings, not words.