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Positive: The Dragon can be vibrant, magnanimous, charismatic, principled, self-sufficient, discriminating, compelling, sentimental, accomplished, noble-hearted, healthy and prodigiously shrewd. Negative: The Dragon can also be bombastic, dissatisfied, ruthless, demanding, opinionated, mawkish, egocentric, defensive, power-mad, foolhardy, wilful and pompous. The coming year of the water Dragon is just about the corner. The Dragon symbol of the year is an intelligent and laborious worker who never puts aside work though sometimes this leads him to excesses.

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The water Dragon has enough courage to face challenges and easily finds weak points that stand on his way to success. Birth Year: , , , , , , , , , Ideal professions for the Dragon Include:.

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The sign Dragon Horoscope background:. Well known Dragon Celebrities. Dragon Compatibility with Chinese Zodiac Signs. Positive and Negative Dragon Personality Capabilities. Horoscope , forecast for the year of the Dragon. Chinese Astrology - Horoscopes.

Comments: Dragon Personality. In some places, people believe that a dragon found in their court can bring delight. However, in most cases, this reptile is considered evil, which scares people from the bottom of the heart. There are some idioms in China indicating the danger of this reptile, for example, once bitten by the dragon twice shy of ten years.

The story about the dragon Dragon carries the meanings of malevolence, cattiness and mystery, as well as acumen and divination. Here's the story about the dragon Dragon carries the meanings of malevolence, cattiness and mystery, as well as acumen and divination.

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However, in most cases, this reptile is considered evil, which knows how scare people on it's self defense. Tina [i was born in Some say I am a Rabbit.

Gemini born in Dragon year Personality Horoscope

Will both find new opportunities through people in general, as your. Love relationships and the world of dating, which can be up and down or. When planted, they produce gemini 20st may horoscope pit in the ground to trap the unwary. Dragons lay an egg at a time and it takes 1, years to hatch and another 1, years for the dragon to be. Enlightened and to awaken the ambition and check this out courage to take risks. You are sensitive to their needs and always find the time to help them. The information you need is out there, you just have to open your mind to very different possibilities.

Spiritual dating is it really that different.

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Wood has a decent help from Water. That implies you have great profession opportunity coming towards you. Pig is identified with waterway, which is identified with your cash. Your Dragon luck in create good work opportunity and brings you great salary. In any case, your job tensions will increment as well. If your profession keeps you occupied, that is a decent sign for vocation improvement.

Chinese Astrology: Earth Dragon

Your intelligence will figure out how to deal with the job tensions. Employment Change : As per horoscope of Dragon prediction, Pig brings a promising and testing opening for work to you. In the event that you are prepared for a change, you can acknowledge the testing of the new position.

If you think that despite everything you require all the more learning and trainings, you can anchor present place of employment and hang tight for next circumstance.

Wealth : Dragon Luck in , You have favourable luck sign in wealth amid the cycle of Pig. Fire of Horse is the mother component of Dragon horoscope.

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Horse will encourage you. Horse and Pig have great relationship. Horse is the Money Star to Pig. Since Horse encourages Pig to win cash, Pig will cheerfully work and earn profit for you. Love : Dragon zodiac sign is a part of the Earth group. If you are a man of his word, Water speaks to your sweetheart or spouse. If you are a woman, Wood speaks to your beau or spouse.

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Pig comprises of Water and Wood. In the event that you are single, you have great opportunity to locate your intimate romance.