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Why is it that there are so many songs about the pain of separation? Because music is an art, and art is an expression, and the expression of love in separation is a very deep absorption. When somebody is with us we are absorbed in a certain way, but when our loved one is away it increases our remembrance, thoughts and absorption in that person. It is true that when ones beloved is away one is always thinking of their beloved and searching for them. When Rama was with Sita he was seeing her in one place. But when Rama was away from Sita and Sita was away from Rama he would see Sita in the trees and she would see Rama in the clouds, everywhere.

When we are together the love of our heart goes out towards the beloved. In separation that love goes deeper and deeper and deeper into the very core of our heart.

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And it is intensified. On the spiritual platform love is not determined by our physical proximity. Our connection to God or Rama is to the degree that we are internally absorbed in the thought of Rama. And when our love is intense, the Lord accepts it from within our heart.

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That love may be intense when the Lord stands before us, but it is even more intense when the Lord is not standing before us. When there is that longing, that deep deep absorption, then the Lord is embracing us and reciprocating with us from within. We have to understand the philosophical principle that according to Vedic sidhanta conclusion God is both female and male equally. There is the sakti energy and the saktiman energetic source.

Krishna, Rama, Narayana, and Shiva are very powerful, lordly manifestations of God.

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The feminine aspect of God is the reservoir of love. And the masculine side of God is the ultimate object of love.

And those two aspects together are God. Perhaps in western religion, because there is so much emphasis on the masculine side of God, religious people can sometimes become very egoistic and attached to power and control. They can lose their compassionate essence.

Maa Sita Puja

God is never separate. Sita and Rama can never be separate in essence. In their lila in this world they lived together and enjoyed love in union. In their hearts of hearts they could never be separated. Then, upon the instructions from Viswamitra, Rama strung the bow successfully and the broke it into two pieces during the process. Everyone was stunned with awe and King Janak was highly pleased and overwhelmed. During the grand marriage ceremony, the brothers of Rama namely Bharata, Lakshmana, and Shatrughan were also married to Mandavi, Urmila, and Shuddhakirti respectively.

Goddess Sita Devi Jayanthi - Role of Sita Devi In Ramayana - Seetha Navami - Bhakti

This day, Vivah Panchami is considered a very auspicious day as it marks the ceremonial marriage anniversary of Rama and Sita. Hence, the celebrations begin several days in advance in many places of Nepal and India. The day holds immense significance at Janakpur, in Nepal as it is believed that the first ceremony was held there.

Along with Janakpur, the festival is also celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram. A grand procession leaves from one temple to another and ends with the wedding ceremony in the evening. The idols of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita are adorned with beautiful clothes and jewelry to make them look like bridegroom and bride. All through the day, devotional songs in praise of Lord Ram and Devi Sita are sung by devotees.

Several stage shows, dramas, and cultural programs are also organized on this occasion.

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  6. Ramleela, a stage performance that depicts the life of Lord Ram and Devi Sita is also observed. In Janakpurdham, Nepal, thousands of pilgrims arrive many from India and other parts of Nepal. Special rituals and pujas are held in temples where the celebrations are observed with great fanfare. The celebrations continue for seven days, and devotees observe all the rituals with immense zeal and dedication. Thousands of devotees visit the temples to seek the divine blessings of a happy family and married life.

    Story of Birth of Maa Sita – Sita Navami

    This festival is one the best occasion to visit Janakpur to observe the culture and traditional values of the place. Vivah Panchami is also considered to be highly auspicious, significant and sacred also for marriage on this day.

    Therefore, many couples choose to marry on this day. It is said that even witnessing such rituals can fill the married life of the individuals with happiness and harmony.