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They have a blog full of wisdom around the subjects of love, tarot , astrology and spiritual matters. This makes them thought leaders in their field and sets them apart from the rest!

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They also have handy and insightful astrological forecasts and daily horoscopes that you can sign up for and receive right to your inbox. They also offer some great deals to new customers- you can get the first 3 minutes of your reading, free! All services are also backed with a satisfaction guarantee!

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This is because Keen is one of the longest-running psychic sites currently available online. Remember, you get your first 3 minutes free so you are able to see if you align with your psychic advisor at first before you pay. The best place to start when looking for the best psychics at Keen is by checking out the featured psychics on the front page. You can also search by rating and rank, and compare reviews and the amount of positive feedback each psychic advisor has received.

There are SO many, really hundreds and hundreds of insightful and compassionate psychics who can help you at Keen, but we wanted to make it easier for you by pointing out a few of them. We researched and compared their length of experience, feedback, specialties, quality of reviews and availability, to find some we know you can trust and will receive accurate guidance from.

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A gifted professional psychic intuitive and empath, Elizabeth specializes in timing! She answers questions around career, matters of the heart and offers relationship guidance. Uses tarot, astrology, affirmations, clairvoyance and emphatic skills. Non-judgmental, she can provide details on timing, situations, people and the obstacles preventing your highest path.

She offers options to help you make the best decisions to enhance your life. Her readings are inspiring and uplifting, helping to raise your vibration! Has over 40 years of experience reading Tarot! Can provide details such as names, dates, places, etc for help with love matters, business and more.

She stands behind her word in that what she forsees will manifest at some point! An expert when it comes to love and relationship readings. Can help with any problem or concern you might have, offering insight! A clairvoyant master love psychic that specializes in relationships, career, and dreams. Even if you believe in destiny, your path is changeable and each next step is based upon the one you take before it.

Remember to stay on the line at the end of the call in order to leave feedback, and be part of the Keen Psychics community of customer voices!

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More and more of it will be revealed in time, especially what might not initially make sense in your reading. Your Keen psychic will use their gifts and tools to answer your questions as specifically and clearly as possible. You can go through a fun visual questionnaire to help you find the best psychic match for you at Keen. You can also fill in your birthdate as many psychics use that information to gain insight into your life via astrology or use it to establish a connection with your spirit. She also verified something about my sister-in-law that she no way could have guessed.

So far things have come to pass, waiting for confirmation of prediction next week. Well my perdiction is weeks and months away, so i am confident that it will come true.

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At first i struggled thinking God would be upset but i truely believe he gave them this gift. Be very very careful if you are asking about things that are important for your emotional health. Keen has a teeny tiny number of skilled authentic psychics who also have true good intentions and.

Its got some that are downright dangerous because they do have the ability to muck around in your head but they are not there to look out for you. Nancy is the name of a person Faery on keen. KEEN does have great readers. I did have to try a few before I could finally meet one that understood me.

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I can only advice you to come with an open mind and you will realize the same thing I experienced, when you do meet the one. My readings with Keen Psychics was insightful and enlightening. I wish I had done this sooner. Here, the interpretation of my chart was helpful and spot on. Keen psychics helped me to discover my authentic self. Thank you Keen psychics. I called Miss Elisabeth she was really good. This personality trait can lead to distrust and disharmony in a relationship.

Emotional Cancer loves to nurture and longs to be nurtured, a wonderful quality but one which can become overbearing in romantic relationships. Ms Fox said it becomes difficult when Cancer's partner can't meet every single one of their needs, and when it becomes clear they cannot be responsible for their happiness.

Duality craving Geminis find it hard to keep secrets, which often leads to disharmony and distrust in relationships. Dramatic Leos have a tendency to confuse admiration and awe with love. According to Ms Fox, Leos get bored easily and are inclined to either seek partners that are more exciting, or string their fawning lover along indefinitely. The perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgo likes to fix things.. Sweet, harmonious Libra will go to any length not to hurt to someone's feelings, including stretching the truth molecule-thin. Virgo may think it's helping their significant other by pointing out their many, many flaws and what they should do or be instead, but this can come off like rejection and nitpicking.

Of all the signs, fierce, sexual Scorpio craves intimacy more than anything. However, most people need more than a second to decide if they have met their soul mate - this intensity could prove off putting. According to Ms Fox, Sagittarius are free spirited, optimistic and like top keep their options open. But even when they commit, they still have trouble with going the full mile.

In terms of romantic relationships, hard working Capricorn pairs up to create a corporation. Hard working Capricorn can view relationships as business partnerships, while Aquarius loathes public displays of affection which can lead to a lack of intimacy and romance. Aquarius is an independent, progressive and naturally inquisitive sign who is not a fan of PDA.

While the idea of affection, roses and chocolate makes Aquarius' skin crawl, not everyone feels the same. Eventually, the partner of an Aquarian may wonder if Aquarius is actually trying to drive them away. Clearly, this is impossible, leading the selfless, romantic and ethereal Pisces to inevitable disappointment. From the demanding Aries to the commitment-fearing Sagittarius: The biggest relationship mistakes people make according to their star sign Astrologer Kelli Fox revealed the love mistakes we make based on the zodiac Virgo seeks unattainable perfection while Scorpio can be too intense for many Libra bends the truth to avoid confrontation and Aquarius lacks affection By Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia Published: BST, 6 August Updated: BST, 6 August e-mail 42 shares.

Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Astrologer Kelli Fox: Relationship mistakes people make based on star signs e-mail More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Hollyoaks star, 37, and husband David O'Mahony are expecting first child And today Elton lifts the lid on the love-hate relationship that lasted a lifetime Riverdale says goodbye to Luke Perry's character in season four trailer Prince Harry and Meghan Markle brought 'lots of toys' and 'home comforts' for Archie to help him settle on Expert reveals the tell-tale signs of 'wine face' - including fine lines, dry